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Success Stories

Barry Hood
I always hated going to the dentist. No one every explained anything and no one was ever pleasant. I actually do not mind going to the dentist at all now. Everyone is pleasant and freindly. Everything is explained to me before it is done. I am glad I found Navid Family Dental Associates.

Patricia Castra
Very pleasant staff - never feel "dental anxiety"! Nice to do a little shopping "treat" @ Nordstroms after the appointment!

Jane Durant
I had a regular cleaning w/Kristen (which is always top notch). I also had a loose crown that Dr McDuffy and his asst (I think she stayed late to help him)tended to immediately and very quickly great service

Virginia Warren
I give Navid Family Dental Associates my highest recommendation.

Jennifer Zavala
Great visit! Very friendly staff and would recommend to everyone. I went in for 2 back to back appts for my daughter and I on the same day and service was excellent.

William Murray
Did a great job, everything was fine, price is reasonable.

Susan Powers
I always feel very comfortable and relaxed while I'm there. Everyone is very nice & friendly.

Lois Gallo
This is an excellent dentist and support staff. Thank you.

Susan Strakus
I always tell my friends about your office when the subject comes up. I feel I am treated very well at your facility. Having one stop for all my dental needs is also a big plus.

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